We Invest in Today’s
Projects to Create a Better
Future for Tomorrow


Abisum invests in the following three areas:
• Business investments
• Financial investments
• Real Estate investments

Business investments

First and most importantly Abisum’s main activity is in business investment.

As Business Angels (BA), we support innovation start-ups in all sectors, but especially in technological projects with potentially successful innovation.

We are interested in making the market more dynamic by putting our capital, knowledge and experience in the most innovative entrepreneurships, for startup projects with the solidity, confidence and credibility necessary.

We bet on engineering projects such as water, energy, smart cities, biotechnology and ICT platforms, etc.

Some of the investment realized up to now, is:

OPTICITS: A spin-off founded in 2010 in IQS (Ramon Llull University), for technical tool development and new services to manage urban resilience, seen as a new model to consider for urban systems, and applied to natural and unnatural disruptions in cities.

HYDROKEMOS: R + D spin-off founded in 2010 in IQS (Ramon Llull University), which is currently developing in its pilot phase a process to eliminate nitrates dissolved in water for quantitative transformation to Nitrogen gas; sanitarily harmless and environmentally friendly, with an electro-denitrification process

INVEREADY: Financial group specialized in assessment and investment for technological companies

FARADAY: Company specialized in investment and support for new entrepreneurial initiatives, in order to help orient investors and entrepreneurs in all necessary aspects, and to improve their possibilities of success.

Financial investments

Abisum invests in the financial market.

We make all of our operations in the financial market in order to look for the best relation between profitability and risk.

Real Estate investments

Part of the investments of Abisum is in the real estate market.

ABISUM, also invests in the various sectors of real estate like buildings, apartments, offices, and warehouses.



Real Estate